Yeah, we’re back!

Sorry for the long downtime since November 2016, when this website was hit with a massive spammer attack. It took some time to clean things up. After all, this is just a non-profit, hobbiest website. Now, you’re able again to use the site and it’s forums to talk about great games, Sega emulation / Kega Fusion and the wonderful World of M.U.L.E.! Have fun! Quick links:

About Goethe

Goethe founded "Carpe Ludum" in 2014. He writes one classic game review per month. At least that is what he tries to do... Because most of the time, Carpe Ludum's inaugural theme catches up with him, and he is rather spending time on being married, playing the piano, jogging or, well, actually PLAYING a game instead of writing about it. :-)