Carpe Ludum Codex

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For a game to be featured on Carpe Ludum, the following criteria must be met:

Always mandatory:

  • 3Y+ – Is at least 3 years old (this is why you won’t find the site category “2016-2020” anytime before 2019). The reason for this criterium is to prevent hypes on Carpe Ludum. Like a good wine, good games need some time to truly shine; and they can never get too old.
  • 2H+ – Can be played well in chunks of two hours maximum. The reason for this hard criterium is Carpe Ludum’s premise to be a community for gamers with limited time available for their hobby.
  • -25H – Can be completed in less than (about) 25 hours. With about 2 hours of time availble for gaming per week, you still need three months to complete a 25H game… This essentially rules out MMORPGs from ever being featured on Carpe Ludum. I do not think this is a big loss though – this comic explains it (warning, rude language).

Always mandatory – at least three of the following seven:

  • Presentation Excellence – Graphics, music, sound or technology excellence – compared with other games [of the time]
  • Story Excellence – Tells a great story with interesting story developments and character developments, ideally evoking emotions
  • Immersion Excellence – Establishes an immersive “alternative reality” which lets you forget your surroundings totally
  • Social Excellence – Provides a great social experience
  • FOAK Excellence – Has some other “first-of-a-kind” aspect which no other previously published game has had – compared with other games [of the time]
  • Metacritic Excellence – has received exceptional critical reception from respected major game magazines [of the time], to be cited by at least three MobyRank scores of >=75.
  • Longevity Excellence – has spawned several clones, sequels or remakes, or has a dedicated fanbase still avidly playing the game even years after it’s release