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toeanimFrom July 5th, 1997 until July 5th 2014 – for 17 years – Eidolon’s Inn was an independent website devoted to the classic SEGA videogame systems of the 1980’s and ’90’s. For these consoles, the website offered a wealth of information, both on their history and their technology. Consequently, all available emulators and ongoing development projects were discussed.

earlanimEidolon’s Inn had it’s heydays around 1999-2005. The website was host to a lot of Sega-related content, such as:

  • Steve Snake’s Kega Fusion emulator for Sega consoles
  • Information about the history, emulation of and how to develop for the various Sega consoles from the inaugural 8-bit in the early1980’ies to the concluding 128-bit era in the early 2000’s
  • The “Tavern“, a forum for the Sega emulation and development community

Eidolon’s Inn was also host to a lot of “projects”:

  • The “Tavern RPG”, which started at the Inn (see Tavern Archives of 2004) and came to be known as a full-blown new game “Pier Solar“, first as a ROM/CD release for Sega Genesis, nowadays as “Pier Solar HD” for all modern videogame consoles and Steam
  • SegaBase – Sam Pettus’ history of Sega consoles, nowadays also available on Amazon as (e)book named “Service Games – Rise and Fall of SEGA
  • Dreamcast Week in Review – Sam Pettus’ weekly reports during the heydays of Sega Dreamcast
  • Triton – Gerrie’s Sega emulator, now discontinued
  • BasiEgaXorz – devster’s BASIC interpreter for the Sega Genesis
  • Eidolon Translation Group – probably the most unsuccessful translation group of all times, with zero releases… 😉
  • and many more

After 2005, the site became rather inactive. One could see the proverbial tumbleweeds rolling by, only revived slightly by occasional releases of new versions of the Kega emulator.

Over time, some of the historic content mentioned here will be migrated here to it’s new home on Carpe Ludum. This is a hobby project though – who knows how much time it takes… Until I achieve that – here is something to remember the old Inn as it looked like before on it’s old domain www.eidolons-inn.net shortly before it was mothballed. Ah, those were the days!!! 🙂