Classic M.U.L.E. games

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Welcome to the main navigation page where you can jump to the various versions of the original, classic M.U.L.E. game from 1983 which are officially developed or licensed by Ozark Softscape. On each of the game pages, you will find detailed information about it.

The original classic versions everyone knows and loves best

Ports of the classic versions published much later, and which are much less known to the general public (expect maybe in Japan, and except maybe the Nintendo version)

The following is a list of potential ports of the classic version which were considered but forfeit due to various reasons

Let’s conclude with the non-official stuff. Sometimes, the internet brings up some unlicensed versions of the original classic versions of M.U.L.E…. These are the ones I came by in the past few decades which were most definitely not endorsed by Ozark Softscape or Electronic Arts.

  • 2016 (?) – Atari 5200
  • ???? – Bootleg Commodore 64 (C64) (Spanish version)