Atari ST M.U.L.E.

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to be further researched – A.J. Redmer are you reading this? If so, please get in contact with World of M.U.L.E., the M.U.L.E. fan community would love to hear your story! 🙂

  • In his April 2020 interview, Julian Eggebrecht revealed that A.J. Redmer was working on a M.U.L.E. design for Atari ST and Commodore Amiga in 1987
  • The game was already playable on Atari ST, but EA did not pursue the project because the low market share and thus commercial un-viability of the Atari ST
  • Why the Commodore Amiga version of A.J. Redmer’s design was not pursued at that time remains a mystery in the dark parts of M.U.L.E. history – hopefully, someday to be revealed by A.J. Redmer himself?