New Genesis Game Release: It Came From The Desert

Cinemaware is working with Water Melon Games (of Pier Solar fame, not unkown to Eidolon’s Inn’s users!) to release a new-old Sega Genesis game from the early 1990’ies – an action version of the Commodore Amiga classic game “It Came From the Desert”. You can subscribe for pre-order information here on the Cinemaware website. Thanks to Indie Retro News for the heads-up!



Welcome to the Sixth Act of Eidolon’s Inn

Act 6 – July 2014 and beyond

You’re looking at it right now – thanks for coming here!
I hope you like the New-new-new-new-new Inn, register and join Eidolon’s Tavern again for a beer or two, to reminisce about the good old times! 🙂

Act 5 – June 2004 till July 2014

On a free weekend I just couldn’t stand it anymore to see the Inn on hiatus, so I decided to renew it and give more people the chance to contribute content to it.
I was really amazed how many people registered on the site after this new version went online – a __big thank you to all of you!_. The Sega community, and the Inn as its point of gravity, has remained stronger than I thought. Good to know that I didn’t do the work in vain. 🙂


Act 4 – May 2000 till June 2004

This is how probably most of you will remember the Inn, as this “design template” was the longest-running. By the way, the year 2000 was the busiest year, with the most site updates, EVER in the history of this site. This was mainly due to the fact that I was still a student at that time with lots of time to spare. After I started with full-time employment in January 2002, the site somehow went into a hiatus, with only the occasional update. The only thing which kept it alive was the message board, the Tavern.


Act 3 – November 1998 till May 2000

Talk about redesigns! Very fancy for this time. 😉


Act 2 – July 1997 till November 1998

Ah, those were the days. Finally I got my own website up and running ( in case anyone remembers), firstly hosting the files on changing hosts such as FortuneCity? etc. This was the time I could spend the most time on the site, as I was doing my civil service in a hospital in my home town, were I had lots of nightshifts with lots of time to fill. During this time, the Inn looked mostly like this:


Act 1 – Prior to July 1997

Before the web debut of Eidolon’s Inn in July 1997, my site existed as an ANSI BBS for some months (with my pal Arakon as the only user, hehe); here you can see a screenshot of it: