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I already applied that dll to fix the 60fps fullscreen problem, but my problem seems to be different from that. With that dll, Fusion is running fine, and at 60fps in fullscreen. The problem is trying to load another rom after playing one rom. It feels like every time Fusion needs to open a browser window (when looking for a ROM file, or a Sega CD RAM cart file) it crashes.
Since my first post, I have figured out that it might be related to my sound card. When I disable sound though the audio file menu, everything works fine; I can load a Sega CD image, and then a RAM cart through the browser, and then I turn on the sound. It works. I think that is a strange work-around though.
I have a laptop with an onboard sound card, Conexant smart audio HD. Is there a problem with that particular sound card?
Again, in the time since my first post, I found a work-around (disabling sound), but this is still a strange problem.