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Hello, there
On Windows 8.1, I have noticed the fix to disable sound allows roms (isos or cds) to load without crashing. I notice it helps. The type of sound card I have is an integrated
Realtek ALC 887 with latest driver, and using Directx 11.0. I have crashes on Kega Fusion while opening another window to load another rom, while the sound is enabled so sound card makes no difference. I am pretty sure Microsoft snuck in an update near the end of 2014 which deprecated older directx versions on Windows 8.1 which downloaded it. Deprecated for computers (yes, I looked it up) means superceded or beyond describing software, the term is also used for a feature, design, or practice that is permitted but no longer recommended for hardware design. Sound uses Directx also so maybe the changes affect it. If anyone know if this is the case please correct me.
I really enjoyed using your emulator for many games for example. Crusader of Centy, Contra-Hard Corps, Alien Soldier, Alisia Dragoon, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star I, and IV,Donald Duck Quack Attack, X-men . and what joy that your emulator even plays translations, for example the Mijet translations like Phantasy Star Adventures series and Pulseman, Monster World IV, Bare Knuckles III, Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Touitsusen and so many more. Best 32x support-Blackthore,Pitfall, and Sega CD support, classy Snatcher, jovial Popful Mail, engrossing Shinining Force CD. Anyway many thanks.