Compatable CRC for game gear ax battler

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      Hello I have tried about 6 different versions of this rom with a infinite number of settings. The game loads fine i get two out of place blocks in the upper left corner and there is no guy. No characters show i mean guys in the game not the text the text is fine. I am running windows 7 x64 version 3.64 kega fusion. Thank you for your time 🙂
      Ax Battler – A Legend of Golden Axe
      that’s the game.

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      I haven’t tested it but it’s probably one of the incompatible GG games,
      It’s a shame an incompatibility list was never created.

      You could try an older version of Fusion and if that doesn’t work
      another GG emulator. Another game for the Sega Genesis released in
      2010 that doesn’t work is Pier Solar due at least in part to its
      large size and Fusions game size limit. I understand it’s not licensed
      but from what I can tell it does work on real hardware.

      Best Regards

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