Fusion 3.64 (Windows) .gsx file problem

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      Hey all, I’m a long-time fan of Fusion. I’ve been looking for a solution to a problem that just happened, and I’m coming up empty handed. I ran Fusion for the last three days and was saving my game file as a .gsx because Fusion was telling me that there was an error with the normal save states 0-9. The .gsx was saving and loading fine.. until I restarted my computer just now. Now the normal save states are working, but Fusion is telling me there’s an error loading the .gsx file. This is happening to me right after I got the Mystic Rope in Shining in the Darkness, and I have no other save states. I have never made it this far. So much work!

      I’m on Windows 7 Home Premium with SP 1. If it means anything, I also lost my gamepad configuration. I can redo it, but it seems to indicate that something happened to the emulator after the computer rebooted.

      Thanks for listening.

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      Is not .gsx a savestate file for the Linux and Mac versions of Kega?

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