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      First, I would like to comment even if Kega Fusion is no longer considered the most accurate Genesis emulator from what I can tell this emulator sports 100% Genesis compatibility and it is still the most accurate Sega CD/32x emulator. I know it’s been years since version 3.64. However I do have a minor feature request. I would like the SF7000 .sf7 extension supported within the gui as of right now you have to drag and drop the SF7000 .sf7 files to the fusion.exe. Imho Kega Fusion is still the king of classic Sega emulation and will most likely remain that way for the foreseeable future whether the community is given the gift of a new release or not.

      Second, I would like to know if the 32x is auto disabled when virtua racing is loaded, or is the bug that prevented the cart from working on a real genesis with the 32x attached circumvented? I am also curious if the “Windows Live Messenger status updates” still works since its discontinuation?

      Third, does anyone know of an up to date compatibility list, or rather incompatibility list for fusion 3.64?

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      That sf7 extension sounds quite cool, as it will contribute to the SF-7000 emulation even more. By the way, I have a file named “SF7000_IPL.sc”, is it the right one to finally ENABLE the SF-7000 emulation on my KEGA Fusion 3.64? C= And how on Earth do I use it, as everytime I load a SF-7000 ROM it doesn’t startup at all?! >=0
      About the 32X on Virtua Racing, I do not know, but using the logic I can tell you that SVP (Sega Virtua Processor) is supported into Fusion and it HAS 32X afaik. ;D With respect to the “Windows Live Messenger status updates” you’ve mentioned, I can’t tell. Maybe Steve Snake plans to enable Skype Status Updates instead. XD
      Those lists are unknown, imo, but I have a lot of ROMS of all the supported consoles, so if I have time I might start making them and add them into the “KEGA Fusion 3.64 Official Docummentation” I’m currently working on. *Thumbs up*

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