Fusion shortcut keys that don't exist on keyboard

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      Alright, so I’m trying to play games on Fusion with one of those keyboards who’s ass-clowny product designer thought it’d be a great idea to replace a few esoteric keys with “media” key. Yeah, see where I’m going with this? I have a >/|| button where the ‘pause’ button should be. Know what happens when I press it during a game? Nothing. I want my ‘pause emulation’ command back! Is there a streamlined way I can map this button to pause the emulation like it’s suppose to? Pausing emu. through the right click menu is not an option because I’m using that Windows 8 fps “fix” that kills that pop-up menu in full screen (Uugh what a week).

      Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

      p.s: So… this IS the ‘main’ forum for Kega Fusion now, right?

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