Kega Fusion 3.63x – Linux controller problem

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      I’m using Kega Fusion 3.63x on linux mint 17.1 64 bit. It works very well, but I can play only with my keyboard. If I use my PS2 controller with USB adapter, Fusion doesn’t detect it. My joypads (2) are successfully detected and I found them on /dev/input/js1 and /dev/input/js2. I tried jstest and all keys works very well. When I open the controller tab in config options in Kega Fusion, I don’t see the joypad into the combo menu. I remember using my joypads with success in the past with Fusion and older linux distro.
      What is changed?


      PS: Sorry for my bad english

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      Do you see any relevant output in dmesg? Because I used Debian 8 and the controllers are working.

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