Kega Fusion And PPJoy: Config Needed Please

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      Hi all,

      I’m trying to set up Kega Fusion for a disabled client of mine; he can only use his left hand, and a mouse, so I’ve got PPJoy working to convert Mouse Input to Joystick Output. From this, I can get it working in MAME32 and a few other emulators, but Kega’s Config tool, whilst it maps the x/y axis correctly, takes the input too quickly for the buttons and instead maps mouse axis output to all of them.

      I’ve tried opening the Fusion text file to manually alter it, but it’s not obvious what input I need to add because it’s listing numeric values instead of Joy0 Button 1 etc.

      Can anyone make up a config for a 3 button mouse to a 3 button joypad via PPJoy (Start etc can go on the keyboard as he will have time to press those), or tell me how to get the correct numeric values for the mapped buttons and where to enter them in the text file please?

      Thank you!

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