kega fusion netplay desync!

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      having major desync issue with kega fusion(using latest version). me and my friend recently got into playing turn based rpgs 2 player over netplay. we had to use hacked roms or played the few rpg roms that can be played coop out of the box.

      we now want to move on to shining force and kega fusion is perfect for how we want to play because the host can share input commands with the person who connects. it starts off just fine but shortly after moving on through game my friend would be one place but i would be seeing something completely different due to massive desync.

      first try to fix the desync was have him save them game while i was still connected then restart. i cannot see the save game file it just shows me new game and if he clicks anything it goes to type in hero name screen.

      anyone got any ideas how we can avoid desync? any emulator alternatives that will allow commands be taken from 2nd player even if not a two player game(needs to have a direct connect netplay, kaillera is a big headache)

      thanks in advance

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