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      Since this project isn’t actively being worked on anymore, is their any possibility in having the code open sourced under the GNU license? I have no monetary interest, only academic. I am a long time embedded engineer who wants to get more familiar with emulation. I understand the interface was done in C and a lot of the actual emulation was done in assembly. I have some assembly experience, but I would be more interested in attempting to port this to C/C++ for portability. I have branched a few other emulators on Github to check out, but I find Fusion to just be a better implementation. Eventually I might try and do some work with Yaubase as I am dying for a Saturn emulator that works in Linux. SSF is closed source and the Japanese devs wrote that to work with DirectX which sucks for portability. Thanks in advance for reading my post!

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      I just want to concur here : could you please release Kega Fusion source code as open-source material ?


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