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      Because I really, Really, REALLY dont know where to put this…

      I just thought I’d introduce myself. I am known on the net as Lumanare, or Luma. (Yes, I am VERY well aware of the Mario Galaxy jokes. I can assure you, it was made before I played it.). I am a 22 year old gamer who no longer has time to be burned by a bad game, and thus, can easily see myself fitting in here in Carpe Ludum, and by extension, The Tavern.

      If you wish to ask me anything, such as other forms of contact, what game’s I’ve played recently, What games I like, etc. Please reply, or contact me directly.

      I thank each and every one of you who stops by to read this, and hope to get along with you guys well.

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      Hi Lumanare,

      excellent idea, this should be a sticky thread for anyone who wants to introduce him/herself. 🙂

      Let’s chime in.

      I am 39 years old and live in Germany.
      I started with computer games around 1984 on a Commodore 64. Moving on to Commodore Amiga and finally PC on the home computer side. On the console side, I started with the Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD in 1990/91. Imported them from Japan to be ahead of the curve. Moving on to Sega Saturn and then Sega Dreamcast in mid and end 1990ies. After that down the PlayStation line of consoles, where I am stuck now. I never had enough free time to be a multi-system guy…

      I run this website since 1997 (whoopsie, 20th anniversary totally forgotten, it was on July 5th 2017) and hope to run it as long as I have some free time to spare. These days, free time for me is sparse, with a fulltime job, being married, plus having lots of other hobbies besides retrogaming too (jogging, playing piano, modern videogames, theatre/concerts, cinema, …).

      Originally, there were three websites – Eidolon’s Inn, Kega Fusion and World of M.U.L.E.. I joined them in 2014 in order to reduce my website maintenance efforts.

      Still happy to see that Carpe Ludum is still a bit active (but not much 🙁 ).

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      Well, thanks for the welcome, Eidolon. Maybe we can someday see a revival of Carpe Ludum.

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