Why do Game Genie codes that enter RAM (e.g. AC2R-8AB2 – FFB038) enter 3—–?

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      It is becoming a problem. I am trying to convert RAM-based PAR codes to Game Genie, then import them to Kega Fusion, but every time it ends up with “3F—-” instead of “FF—-“.

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      You can’t directly convert RAM (Pro Action Replay) codes/patches to Game Genie (ROM) codes. You’d literally have to hack brand new Game Genie codes for the game from scratch. It’s pretty difficult to do if you’ve never done it before, especially if you don’t know assembly.

      But, there’s a chance *some* PAR codes might be for ROM, so this tutorial might help.


      A Game Genie can only patch ROM, a Pro Action Replay can patch both RAM and ROM.

      NOTE: Kega will “decrypt” Game Genie and Pro Action Codes. If they start with FF, they’re RAM Pro Action Replay codes, and they can’t be converted to Game Genie. Decrypted codes that start with 00 are ROM codes (decrypted Game Genie) and can be converted back to Game Genie.

      I also recommend this site for all your cheating needs: http://gamehacking.org

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