Why Kega Fusion [3.64] couldn't be full screen in win10

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      Why Kega Fusion [3.64] couldn’t be full screen in win10
      I tried every setting still freeze !!!!!

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      Hi gamers / Hola gamers

      I have the solution to this problem:
      Yo tengo la solución a este problema:

      You should only configure the executable Fusion.exe in compatibility mode with Windows 7. And so can already run the emulator in Fullscreen in Windows 10.

      Solo deben configurar a la aplicación Fusion.exe en modo compatibilidad con Windows 7. Y asi ya pueden ejecutar el emulador en Fullscreen en Windows 10.

      Good luck!
      Buena suerte!

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      Just for accuracy, this issue is resolved by Disabling Full Screen Optimizations. Setting a compatibility mode for a previous version of Windows is not required.

      It probably has something to do with the different way in which Windows 10 handles full screen programs, especially with tablet mode.

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      Thank you for your contribution! This makes me very happy (and a lot of other Win10 users, too).

      It is quite nice to see that Win10 still can run almost ten year old software, even though some fiddling is required.

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