M.U.L.E. on graph paper

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In 2015, there was a guy around in the Facebook C64 groups who offered graph paper renditions of classic C64 game characters. I asked him to do M.U.L.E., and this is what I got! I have to say it is a simple idea, but especially with a warm wooden background it looks awesome, even a bit artsy! I wonder if this is how M.U.L.E. would have looked like, if it had been released not in the 80’ies but in the 70’ies, when there were no home computers yet? 😉

M.U.L.E.s on graph paper on wooden floor. Artsy!

M.U.L.E. on graph paper – “animated”. Even animation was possible in the 70’ies! 😉

In case you are interested in getting in contact with the artist, just contact WoM with the subject “Graph paper”.