M.U.L.E. Review by Christian Schmidt and Gunnar Lott in StayForever PodCast #95

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On January 4th 2020, the two German videogame bloggers Christian Schmidt and Gunnar Lott spent one and a half hours revisiting the game M.U.L.E.. This podcast is in German, therefore only interesting to German visitors of WoM.

From an information point of view, nothing new was revealed in this podcast. But Christian and Gunnar told the story of M.U.L.E., and the gameplay of M.U.L.E. in a very nice way, easy to listen to. Christian, Gunnar – thanks for adding to the legacy of M.U.L.E. in this nice way!

A few months later, there was also a follow-up podcast named “M.U.L.E. – Nachschlag” from April 11th 2020, with Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 as guest. This “Nachschlag” podcast revealed some very, very interesting news about the Commodore Amiga version of M.U.L.E. (named Deluxe M.U.L.E.) which unfortunately was never released. Read more about it here: https://www.carpeludum.com/deluxe-m-u-l-e/

M.U.L.E. (Audio-Podcast) | Stay Forever # 95