Ten Signs You Are A M.U.L.E. Addict

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written by Ashley Millard

  1. You know what M.U.L.E. stands for.
  2. Seventeen years later you can still describe the object of the game in great detail.
  3. You’ve captured that mountain thing more times than you can count.
  4. You’ve stockpiled Crystite to the point that it spoils.
  5. You can assay two plots in one turn and still win 53 in gambling!
  6. You play M.U.L.E. regardless of time – and may it be 4 o’clock in the morning!
  7. Graphics? We don’ need no stinkin’ graphics?
  8. You intend to learn how to program for the sole reason of reproducing M.U.L.E.!
  9. You always choose Human because you know it’s the hardest race.
  10. You proudly declare M.U.L.E. as the greatest game ever created! (And why not?!)