Theme to M.U.L.E. by ToneDeF & The ElectroMetal Minstrels

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Created by ToneDeF & The ElectroMetal Minstrels, released December 30th 2018
Description from SC:
“M.U.L.E.: Multiple Use Labor Element. Mining, farming, general hauling – this mule-like machine can do it all. But if treated carelessly, M.U.L.E. could go berserk and run away. Although you loathe him, you’ve got a distant planet to settle. And for now, he’s all you’ve got. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.”
A re-imagining of the theme music composed by Roy Glover for M.U.L.E., the seminal multiplayer video game from Ozark Softscape released by Electronic Arts in 1983. This rock-oriented cover of the theme music is inspired by the game soundtrack from the Commodore 64 version which has a tempo of about 156 BPM.
[Please note: as this un-mastered track was mixed using headphones, I recommend that it be listened to via headphones/earbuds to ensure the best listening experience.]