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That sf7 extension sounds quite cool, as it will contribute to the SF-7000 emulation even more. By the way, I have a file named “”, is it the right one to finally ENABLE the SF-7000 emulation on my KEGA Fusion 3.64? C= And how on Earth do I use it, as everytime I load a SF-7000 ROM it doesn’t startup at all?! >=0
About the 32X on Virtua Racing, I do not know, but using the logic I can tell you that SVP (Sega Virtua Processor) is supported into Fusion and it HAS 32X afaik. ;D With respect to the “Windows Live Messenger status updates” you’ve mentioned, I can’t tell. Maybe Steve Snake plans to enable Skype Status Updates instead. XD
Those lists are unknown, imo, but I have a lot of ROMS of all the supported consoles, so if I have time I might start making them and add them into the “KEGA Fusion 3.64 Official Docummentation” I’m currently working on. *Thumbs up*